Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh Uganda

I've always felt like the best time to sleep would've been in class. Specifically chemistry. In fact, it's really the worst time to sleep, but it's the time I used to always feel the sleepiest. I would spend most of the class thinking that the first thing I would do when I got home was lie in bed and pass out for hours. Ironically, the moment class ended, I would wake up, probably feeling more energized than I had all day. The same is true for writing. The moment I have a moment to write, I suddenly have nothing to say. But in the spirit of blogging, I'm going to write anyway (because the majority of personal blogs say nothing at all... Except for my friend Andy's of course, it's a wealth of knowledge).

In any case, I'm back in Uganda after my retreat to the snowy North (I miss you already Vermont... just ask my friends here in Uganda, I won't shut up about it). But, I'm really happy to be back here. So far, I like 2011. But maybe it's too early to say, or maybe it's irrelevant, because I like every year. But let me tell you why it's great:

1) I went to Erin and Heidi's wedding and it was possibly the most fun thing ever.

2) My friends Eric and Rebecca got engaged. Meaning... engagement party with all my friends, and another wedding in the future. Hooray! Oh and a lifetime of happiness for them :).

3) My room is really clean! By my standards. But don't ask me what my standards are and don't come over to my room.

4) I have a lot of friends and they all make me laugh, mostly with them. Sometimes at them.

5) I ran a training session today, with Jordyn and Solomon, for our Alumni Leadership team (10 students elected by their peers to lead the Alumni Program, which currently consists of 350 students). It was a lot of fun and we managed to pack in a ton of information (mostly about project planning and community mobilization). It's sort of weird only being about 2 or 3 years older than most of the students (and younger than some), but luckily I recently rediscovered my ability to be mature, responsible and confident, so I could effectively lead the sections I needed to.

It was also really inspiring to interact with recent high school graduates that are so enthusiastic, motivated and excited to be a part of the Educate! Alumni Program. They came from all over the country (the representative from the north traveled 7 hours to be here!), and from really different backgrounds, but were all excited to interact with each other and share ideas. I guess long story short, it was a nice change of pace from office work and a reminder of why I'm really working for Educate!. It's also the number 1 reason that I'm excited about this year. I think new years resolutions are stupid, but I made one anyway and it was to learn as much as I possibly could from my job after feeling alternately incompetent and frustrated for the first six months (that was intentionally melodramatic to emphasize my point).

And finally, 6) (although the list would've looked much better had it been kept to 5... seems like a better interval) I spent most of the day yesterday watching "Friends." Joy.

Oh wait, one more thing... Tomorrow is February and that's one of my favorite months.

The end!

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