Monday, July 12, 2010

A Sleepless Sunday Night

After a long (and fun) weekend in Kyangwali and with the expectation of a busy Monday workday, I decided to skip on the World Cup Final festivities in Kampala to get a little sleep. However, I had only just fallen asleep when I was woken up again by one of my friends to tell me about the bombings in Kampala. I almost went right back to sleep, but took a moment to process the information and decided to get up.

Though the E! group was sort of spread out between different houses, we eventually were able to account for everyone and they were all fine. I feel a little odd even commenting on the attacks because I've been here for a total of... what, 6 days? Though I can say that I was incredibly glad that I had been following the news coming out of sub-Saharan Africa for the past year consistently, so I could actually make some sense of where this was all coming from. Do your research before you travel!

Anyways, today I'm sort of in a bubble. The U.S. Embassy advised Americans to stay home, so our busy Monday schedule was moved back to tomorrow, and we've just been hanging out. I got a bit of cabin fever though and went with one of my friends to a hotel nearby to sit by the pool and stare at the beautiful view of the lake below (again, pictures to come!), and relax and do some work.

I feel incredibly sad for the people who were victims of the attacks, and for those who had family or friends there. It's sort of mind boggling that so many people can see violence as a solution to their frustrations, and that a country supplying peace-keepers to your nation can be seen as an enemy. But, we shall see how Uganda and the international community proceed from here...

As for me, I'm looking forward to exploring Kampala more and orienting myself to my new role at Educate!

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