Friday, July 16, 2010

Scholahs and Mentahs

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit in on my first Educate! Socially Responsible Leadership Course today at one of the schools. There were eleven scholars (or "scholahs" as Ugandans would say) present, although I think usually there are around 13 in this particular class. They are all in their second to last year of High School, referred to as S5 (juniors). The lesson today was on advocacy writing and they were asked to select a topic from the PEDVU model to write about. PEDVU stands for poverty, environment, disease, violence and uneducated/disempowered communities.

The course lasted for two hours, though it was broken up into different sections. We discussed writing strategies, played a game ("A Cold Wind Blows" if any of you have ever played it), and then wrote and presented speeches. The class ended with one of the students reading the speech of the week, which was "African Progress," by Kofi Annan.

I was really happy to see the students becoming progressively more comfortable and talkative as the class went on. Earlier on, they were speaking very softly and mumbling, but with encouragement from the mentor they started to enunciate and raise their volume. Overall it was a great first class to attend, and I'm looking forward to more! I know this wasn't much of an analytical, interesting post, but at least you have a sense of what I'm up to over here!

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