Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Ode to Family, Friends and Food

Disclaimer: This has almost nothing to do with Uganda. Definitely nothing.

Hey everyone at home (and by home I suppose I mean North America in general, or... anyone who considers themselves friends or family), just wanted to let you know I miss you! But don't be alarmed, I'm far from being homesick... I miss you in a good way. I miss you in the same way that I miss iced coffee and donuts (yup, spelled the dunkin way), or the way I miss maple creemees with maple sprinkles, or chocolate chip pancakes made by dad... but, in a more meaningful, less fatty way. And luckily, unlike my dearly missed sugar-filled treats, I can actually tell you that I miss you!

Now, ok, some of you already knew this because I've been sending you more than frequent updates on everything ranging from what I did at work, what I made for dinner, how bad the traffic was, what I want to do with the rest of my life (any ideas?) to papers that need editing or crazy traveling ideas I've had. Alas, if you haven't received these constant updates, don't feel left out, it's only because I know you would feel too pressured to respond and eventually resent me for the constant flow of (useless) information from ye old ugandae. (Or perhaps you fall under the category of "wouldn't respond, but would feel really bad about it").

In any case, whether you like it or not, chances are you will be pretty up to date on what I'm doing on any given day (which I guess you don't mind because you're reading my blog) because I'm trying to be well rested for work and not spend money (i.e. spending evenings in), I don't have a TV and my DVD drive doesn't work (no "Friends" or "Glee" for me...), I live and work with the same people so inevitably we run out of things to talk about eventually and yes, yes, yes, I do read, but more often than not it puts me to sleep. So, when I'm not writing all of you or updating le blog, I am usually enlightening myself with the magic of the Internet. I am becoming quite the expert on news (Facebook gets boring pretty quickly... BBC, NYTimes and Al Jazeera are the replacements) and I'm trying not to rot my brain with celebrity "swill," as my dad would say (not that there isn't a decent amount of swill in the regular news).

The conclusion is, to get back to the original point of this entry, that I really don't feel very far away from any of you because I'm living quite comfortably and normally here, but I look forward to the immediate gratification of conversing with you in person, some nine months from now (doesn't that make it sound like I live in the early to mid 1900's and just secretly went to live in the country and have an illegitimate baby in order to spare my ritzy family the shame... and all this Uganda nonsense is just a facade... Maybe I'll be a novelist when I grow up. I think that's a very original story-line, right?).

Well, after a few too many tangents and far too many run-on sentences (in reality, I think they were all perfectly constructed sentences that may have just been unnecessarily strung together with over-zealous use of parenthesis and commas), I think it's time to conclude my post... Here is my departing advice for you all: tomorrow morning, go get an iced latte and a frosted donut. I think you'll be glad you did.

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