Saturday, July 17, 2010


I wanted to make my title a line from that "Maps" song, but it didn't translate very well to writing... Anyways, here is a map of Kampala so you can all see where I am. (If I were tech-ier and more patient, I might actually just copy the image onto my blog, but I'm giving you a link instead). If you look at the map, I am farther south of Kabalagala, and going north of Kabalagala takes you into "downtown." All the "taxis" or "matatus" (small mini-busses, just like the ones I rode in Ghana), take you into the city and travel on set routes out of the city.

Anyways, hopefully today as I wander around Kampala and familiarize myself with the area, I'll get some good pictures to share with you all!

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