Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'll be Off a Second Later and Go Straight to the The-ater!!

(Anyone know what song my title was taken from?...)

So, after our in-coming country director clarified the email sent by the president saying that she really had to advise us against going to the theatre for liability reasons, it was ultimately up to us and she didn't mind too much either way. With that, one of my friends and I headed off! We took a boda (motorcycle taxi) there because we were running late and it was much easier than taking a matatu, which wouldn't have brought us all the way there. However, rest assured we both brought helmets and although I always feel kind of dorky wearing a helmet, I value my life. I'd rather be a little dorky than a little dead. (Also, dad I know you read about the sketchy boda drivers around here, so you can also be assured that I only take them during daylight hours, with friends and only the drivers who are near our house or the office, because it's always the same group of drivers and they know us).

Anyhoo, we eventually made to the theatre, were checked for bombs, got our sodas and entered the sparsely populated theatre! I had a kind of cool revelation when I realized I had seen the theatre once before in a documentary (Erin and Amy, it was the documentary that Pierre lent me, haha). That was cool. Then I got nervous when my friend started snapping pictures as the performance began, because of course that is such a faux pas in US theaters, but apparently it was the norm here! (Sorry for my inconsistent spelling of theater. The American version is theater, but the UVM theatre department spells it the British way with the "re." I had started to take ownership of the "re" until my darling sister called me out on it... Now I'm wavering awkwardly between). The performance began with a hip hop group who did a short, but very energetic routine. Then the feature performance began.

There was a short 12 minute piece followed by a longer 45 minute piece. The short piece was entirely to a solo drummer and revolved around the dancers (all men) fighting over a bench. They were incredibly athletic and it was pretty amusing and entertaining to watch. I should preface my description of the second piece by explaining that this dance company (as I discovered only tonight) is run by an older (but not old) French woman (I hope she doesn't read my blog...) with some crazy brassy blond hair and who has clearly spent a lot of time in the sun. She was in the second piece and seemed to posit herself as one of the love interests... Hmm.. Anyways, the improvised sections by the men were incredibly impressed and they're clearly very talented. The choreographed sections seemed amateurish. It definitely had some shining moments, but they were other times when it seemed a little comical for the wrong reasons. (I really hope they don't find my blog).

Anyways, it was totally worth it and I had a fantastic time! I'm excited to track down some more interesting performances in the future. I also will be stealing some of my friend's pictures, so you can expect to see those sometime in the near future!

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