Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Like to Eat, Eat, Eat...

apples and BANANAS! As anticipated, the bananas here are delicious. Bananas were also incredibly delicious in Ghana, but Uganda has raised the bar by having about seven different varieties of banana. I've only tasted one as of yet, but I was very impressed. Much sweeter than the ones at home.

A banana was about the only thing I could stomach this afternoon after getting rather ill at the office. I haven't started any actual work yet, but I went into the office and was planning on going into Kampala with one of the mentors (all the mentors are Ugandan as a heads up, maybe I'll give a run down of the organization at some point). However, I started feeling incredibly sick, threw up, and went back to the house. After drinking some water, eating a banana and taking a very long nap, I am feeling infinitely better! (ps- I had a dream while I was napping that there was a tornado at home! and then a hurricane!). If I had to guess, I would say my mysterious illness was a result of a weird sleeping/eating schedule induced by traveling. Alas, life goes on.

This weekend (as in tomorrow), we're all heading off to Kyangwali Refugee camp, where Educate! was born, for some team building. Apparently it's very hot there and there's a higher risk for malaria (I'm presuming this all equates to higher humidity... yuck), but not to fear, I've been taking my anti-malarials! So with humidity and malaria aside, my greatest concern about going actually relates back to my Costa Rica days in high school.... There are chiggers at the camp. Chiggers, which I researched fanatically, driven by fear, before going to CR, are little bugs that burrow into your skin and lay eggs.... Uhhh, yea. Gross! I never got one.... but no reason not to be scared of them! Although by wearing sneakers and pants, there shouldn't be much to worry about.

So, expect some chigger-free, malaria-free, and adventure-full entries after this weekend.

(I realize that adventure-full is a silly looking construction, but I had to keep with the word dash word structure, obvi).


  1. I love that food is one of the first things on your mind!! As for chiggers I remember they were in Okla as well. Keep the posts coming, have fun & continue feeling better!! Xoxoxo m

  2. ahhh chiggers!!!! careful buddy!