Sunday, July 18, 2010


There's a local bar here called "f.r.i.e.n.d.s. p.u.b.," (haven't been to it, probably won't go) which I found amusing because it's written in the tv show "Friends" font, and it just seems really random. And I love "Friends," and have no way to watch it, alas... I'm not complaining though.

In fact, in my non-Friends watching time, I've been doing lots of fun things. I had a successful expedition into Kampala yesterday with one of my friends. Our first stop was one of the crafts markets, which happened to be right behind the National Theater. As we walked towards the theater, we saw some people being interviewed by a TV station and assumed they were famous--they weren't. We kept walking and someone called to us from the TV crew and asked to interview us too. They were just asking about the vuvuzelas from the World Cup, and apparently we'll be on the news on Tuesday night. A very random start to the day.

After that we wandered through the craft market and then went to get some lunch. Ever since the bombings last week, security has been amped up everywhere and will probably continue to be that way until the African Union Summit is over after this week. Anyways, so they have scanner things and check everyone's bags. So after we had walked around Kampala for a while we headed back to the Old Taxi Park. We stopped at the entrance and I opened by bag for the guard to check. He looks right at me, totally straight faced and says "do you have a bomb?" I was a little surprised at first, but then I said "no" and he started laughing. But hey, at least they're being thorough!

But overall I would say being on the news, buying a touristy "Uganda" t-shirt with a picture of a giraffe on it (yup, new favorite shirt), and being questioned about bombs is a sign of a successful tour of Kampala. And my fun day was topped of with a very fun night having a going away party for our out-going country director (resulting in a very lazy day today!).

P.S. since this will likely be my one and only "friends" themed entry, I have to share a recurring thought I've been having lately. Because I don't have TV here, I've been reading the news a lot and Yemen keeps showing up because the US thinks it's a safe haven for terrorists, and anyways it makes me think of Chandler and Janice every time! Every. time. You would think I could have a deeper, more thoughtful first reaction to this new portrayal of Yemen, but mmm, nope, just Chandler.

Okay, the end.

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